Qobuz US Pricing

Just announced :slight_smile:


Right now the service is in limited beta, but when it launches there will be four subscriber tiers.

  • Sublime+ ($299.99 a year), which offers full hi-res streaming with 40-60% discounts on purchases from the Qobuz hi-res download store.
  • Studio ($24.99 a month) for unlimited hi-res 24-bit streaming.
  • Hi-Fi ($19.99 a month) for 16-bit CD quality audio.
  • Premium ($9.99 a month) for 320kbps mp3 quality streaming.

The Sublime+ tier is the only one that must be paid yearly, though all three other plans can be paid annually, too. The pricing structure for Qobuz aligns with Tidal’s own structure, though Tidal may have a pricing advantage for those interested in high fidelity streaming.


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I hope Roon integrates with Qobuz, because I really dislike Tidal compared to Spotify.


2 million Qobuz lossless Hi-Res tracks vs only 12k++ MQA gives a far advantage of its sheer size of library to the consumers. Besides all studios lossless Hi-Res can be easily added to Qobuz catalog without any form of conversion.

MQA will have a hard time playing the catch up game. They are hard at work doing the conversion…