Qobuz via Roon to Chromecast device

If I stream tracks (FLAC with max. 24/96) from Qobuz via Roon to a Chromecast device and have DSP disabled, do the audio data pass through the PC? Are they processed or transcoded in any way?
Or does Roon just act as a remote control and hand the selected paylist over to a direct connection from Qobuz’ server to the Chromecast device, like Qobuz’ own app does?

All music passes through the RoonServer first. So, Qobuz to the RoonServer to the Chromecast.

Thank you, Daniel,

will it be sent in the original format (FLAC) and unprocessed to the Chromecast device (as long as the sample rate etc. is supported by the device)?

Normally, Roon processes to PCM when sending out, except for some corner cases like for Squeezebox endpoints where Flac compression is an option. With the chromecast, I think, that it is being sent PCM.