Qobuz vs Tidal compared

Click the three dots to the far right of the song you want to add and choose “Add to playlist.” Just create a new playlist with a new name such as “Comparison” and have at it.

Ok thanks.

So far… I prefer Qobuz at Hi-Rez, but it’s a very small difference. At CD-quality(16bit 44.1) I prefer Tidal. Even the MQA files that are only max 16bit sound a tiny bit better then the Qobuz version.

I’ll have to keep testing it over the course of the next few weeks…. But with differences this close, it might be irrelevant.

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For me,the SQ is better on my system with Qobuz. Dunno why but it is. Although Tidal is a better implemented app and works better on my phone and especially on Carplay.

The biggest problem is that I really don’t get on with its music recommendations for Classical and trying to find something commonplace like a particular version of the Ring Cycle or even just a part of it like Das Rheingold Tidal is pretty non-existent. It seems to be completely unaware of how classical music works and thus is totally unsuitable and for that reason I ditched it.

I’m not just a blind hater of Tidal which is somehow an accusation that gets thrown at people who don’t like it, and I don’t want to add to this “hate”, but for me Qobuz is so much better suited to my music. It’s only a music streaming service so I’m not really invested a lot and if it gets adequate in future I might consider it. If they do change, just please don’t let them to another one of their launches :smiley: