Qobuz working on family subscription... will Roon follow?

I just received an email response from Qobuz asking about family subscription. Their reply said they are working on it but don’t have a definite date.
Sounds like good news to me!

Question is, will Roon become “family friendly” too?

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Is Roon not already Family Friendly, in that different family members can play different music at the same time to different outputs/zones, from a common Core??

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That’s true, But I was thinking more of having distinct libraries associated with distinct Tidal/Qobuz accounts, allowing playlists that exist only for one user. Prudent use of “focus” and tagging can get close, but there are shortcomings of that approach.


When a software guy says he is “working on it but doesn’t have a definite date” he means that he is not working on it.