Quality is terrible on my LGV30+ using roon player ok on Squeeze Player

I have my Roon server setup on a dedicated windows 10 PC and all performs fine on everything except my Android LGV30+ phone. When I play music through the Roon app on my phone I hear click and pops while playing music. If I shutdown the Roon app and use the Squeeze Player app on my phone the music sounds fine, no clicks or pops. Is there some settings i need to adjust to improve the quality of the music?

I have LG Q7 ThinQ and experience the same. When Roon is the active window everything sounds fine. But doesn’t work when in the background. I tried to disable the DAC and change battery settings but the problem is still there. With my Samsung tablet S2 I can use Roon as expected, i.e. no pops or clicks.