Quboz must have an American marketing consultant

John Darko’s description of Quboz’s plans for entering the U.S. market says the entry level, lossy tier is called Premium. :joy:

The other day I was ordering a Medium pizza, my wife suggested I get a Small, I told her this is America, we don’t do small.
At Starbucks, the smallest coffee is called Tall.


Both Spotify’s and Tidal’s so called “premium” subscription give you exactly the same lossy rate as the Qobuz “premium” subscription. Qobuz would not want to be positioning itself as selling a lesser quality service than Spotify or Tidal. Spotify, of course, is a European company!

It’s like “premium red” wine :wink:

Starbucks is a convenience store, but their coffee isn’t that good…there are far better choices IMO. Choices are good.

I hope Quboz will be available via Roon…I’m not so sure Tidal is on firm footing.