Question about Chromecast TV display


I think that how my now playing screen has changed recently, the screen used to be separated into what I would describe as two coloured zones vertically, now its three:

See the grey area at the bottom then the darkened see through area above that then the actual picture of Beck. It used to just be the grey at the bottom and then the Artist picture with no inbetween section.

I wish I could describe that better, does anyone know if what I am seeing is correct ?


I use this feature daily and do not see the 3rd band you are showing.

Do you have another Chromecast to test with?

Have you power cycled your Chromecast?

I cast to my Sony TV which has Chromecast built in, I’ve uninstalled it a few times and reinstalled which hasn’t fixed the problem.

Even when I put the IP address from the Settings > Displays - ‘Web Display URL’ in my browser I get that 3rd band.


Possible reasons that come to my mind:

  • An issue with the browser engine used by your TV,
    possibly nothing anyone besides the manufacturer of the TV can do something about it.
  • An artifact of dynamic backlight setting for higher contrast.
    A user might want to see if there are settings to control/disable dynamic backlight as a test but it might not be desirable to have it constantly disabled (ability to fix this depend on use-case and available options in the TV itself).

I have a Sony TV and was casting the other day and did not notice the black band.

I should clarify that this is happening on both my Sony TV and my Samsung monitor, my first post didn’t make that clear.

So the TV is Chromecasting and the Samsung monitor is just using the IP address for Roon display casting.

It’s not the end of the world, I’ll just live with it.

Thanks for the replies…