Question about deletions

I’m guessing there is the same situation with Roon as with Sooloos - deletions will still be there in a backup so not deleted everywhere until a new backup. Correct?

Roon will delete files from your hard drive and it gives fair warning too. An incremental back up would also delete I believe.

Agree the warning signs re deletion are very good.

However I’m unsure if you are right about the backup not still carrying deletions. Once a file is recorded there it would take a specific action to remove it but maybe Roon is super clever and does a comparison check to remove unwanted files? Could a Roon programmer please confirm.

The requirement with Sooloos to do a lengthy new BU to ensure no deleted files are carried over was a PIA so if Roon does do what you say Chris, it is a great step forward.

The back up is nothing to do with Roon in my set up. My QNAP does schedualed back ups and I do of unit back ups too. These are incremental and so I would think deletions are covered but I could be wrong about that. Chris