Question about new releases

I’m new to Roon, so please apologize newbie questions.
Within Tidal I can filter new releases what seems not possible in Roon.
In Tidal I go for genre, here Metal, and I see there new tracks or albums within this Genre. For me perfect to find new stuff I was not aware of.

In Roon it seems not possible…or is there a trick?

Welcome! No need to apologize for a question, that’s why we’re here!

Roon contains only the music you add to it. However, if you have a Tidal subscription, which you obviously do, it is possible to search Tidal from within Roon.

Connect your Tidal account to Roon in Settings->Services. You should then see an option to select Tidal in the left-most sidebar of the Roon window (assuming desktop navigation rather than a smaller screen). Along the top of the Tidal window there are 4 tabs, one of which is ‘Explore’. From there, I can choose Metal from the genres across the top row and see new albums.

If you select “Genres” from within Roon itself, it will only display tracks and albums from that genre that you have previously added to your Roon library. In my database, metal, or ‘heavy metal’ as Roon has labelled it, is a subgenre of Pop/Rock.

Hope that’s helpful, keep asking questions! Cheers!


Another option is to go to the New Release section on the Roon Home Screen.

Click “More” and you’ll have some, albeit limited, genre filters.

Edit: FYI you’ll see several threads on the forums about Roon’s New Release suggestions not being as accurate or as complete as they might be but it’s getting better all the time.
I often also look for New Releases in the Tidal and Qobuz apps and add albums I’m interested in there.
They will show up in your Roon Library after a short delay.
If you’re impatient like me you can go to Roon Settings>Services, click Edit for a service and then click Sync Library Now and the things you added (usually) will show up in Roon right away.


If you want to see new Tidal releases for specific genres then you can from the Tidal section of Roon, go to new releases bit and click into to it and then choose the genre you want to look at. You don’t get access to any of Tidals curated content specific to your listening habits like their app has as that’s not available to Roon currently due to API restrictions.

Roons are own New Releases for you just doesn’t cut it as it’s always behind by about a week and even then it’s very hit and miss so don’t expect it to deliver much that you haven’t found yourself by the time it pops up.

Thanks guys for the explanations and different ways to solve it.
Roon is a little different to BlueOS (what I used before as it comes with NAD)

Getting more and more into it, looking to the powerful DSP options it will take some time to figure everything out.