Question about playlists

How do ppl manage lists of albums that you want to listen to later?

I have an “explore” playlist to which I andd albums that I find and would like to mark for later listening. But it adds the tracks individually, not as an “album.” So when I want to remove something, I have to delete the album one track at a time. I’ve also tried using tags, but run into the same issue. Bookmarks? It bookmarks one album per bookmark.

So I wind up “adding” entire albums to “my albums,” but that doesn’t really help because I can’t categorize from that.

I know I’m missing some really simple functionality. How do folks handle this?

I dont use playlists for this. I add the album to library and then tag the album for later listening. I then add a heart to the track that sparked my interest.

At that point I bookmark the Tag. That way as I add new albums they will show up.

Bingo. That’s the elegantly simple solution that I knew was there somewhere. Thanks.

I simply sort my albums by date added and play the most recent. If I don’t like them, I delete them.

I do it slightly differently, adding only one track of an album to my « explore » list.
When reviewing it I click on the album to listen to its full content, if I don’t like it I have only one track to delete from my playlist.

Works for me

Another good approach. Thanks. I find most of what I’m curious to check out from reading about artists and composers I already know, so if I grab a single track there’s a risk I might land on a dud. Also, because of that it’s usually an artist’s broader stuff I want to explore, not just a single track or album. For example, if I’d read about Neil Young and only listened to Trans, I might have missed all the really great material that came before and after. (No offense to anyone who loves that album. :wink:)

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