Question about RAAT and NAS (spin down)

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I need a clarification on the RAAT protocol:

I currently have all my music on an external usb3 disk and was considering the idea of buying a NAS with two bayes and putting two disks in it.

For me it is important to have the NAS in spin down when not used (obviously on the nas I will uninstall all the services and applications that are not needed, I only use it as a music container) my question on the RAAT protocol is:

the NAS will always be subject to ping from the RAAT protocol or will it be able to send the disks in spin downs?

I am here for a definitive answer but I have a Drobo 5N2 and it does spin down even though I have a core on my network at all times.

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It’s a good question but why is it important for it to spin down? Power savings? Heat? There won’t be much of either and the drives will live longer if they remain spinning.

For me it’s important because I sleep in the same room where I’d keep the NAS. If the disks run at night I don’t sleep :slight_smile:


I schedule my NAS to shutdown overnight.


I suspect it will depend mostly on the NAS you choose and whether is can be set to ‘ignore’ network activity that could wake it up.

Alternatively, consider SSD, if they meet your space needs, and a fanless NUC or other running FreeNAS. No sound :slight_smile:

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I have a QNAP NAS. It doesn’t sleep when the Roon Core is running. I’ve complained about it on here a few times over the years. No solution has been forthcoming. When I first subscribed it didn’t happen. Some long forgotten previous release changed that.

I gave up complaining and shut it down at night. It was the chuntering of the disks every 5 to 10 seconds that annoyed me.

RAAT is a protocol used between Core, Remotes and Endpoints AFAIK and therefore doesn’t affect a NAS used as a storage device. Roon makes use of the SMB protocol to access external storage. See also:

Best solution IMHO is to use local storage (internal or USB attached HDD/SSD) for the Roon Core and use the NAS to hold a backup of your library and the DB backups.

Else and if you really want to save power and hold the library on the NAS, shutdown the core when not in use. If it’s Nucleus(+) or ROCK based, press the power button to do so. If you run your own, you can use OS features to start/stop the Roon processes on a schedule also. It will then no longer access the NAS, the NAS can go to sleep – problem solved.

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Thank you all,

I decided: I will order a USB 3 disk and increase the capacity of my NAS.
So I leave the disk connected to the Nuc and the NAS use it as a backup