Question for 1.8 beta testers

On the queue screen is it now possible to somehow hide the “Roon Radio” sidebar … where is shows as a big empty box, saying “Roon Radio will start when your music finishes”.

I have my fingers crossed. Can someone confirm?

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The Beta test was not an OPEN Beta Test as far as I know, and as such testers will not be able to answer the question. You will have your answer on Feb. 9th. :smiley:

The screen has been redesigned, and Roon Radio takes up a lot less space than before, especially when it’s deactivated, but it’s not hidable.


Thank you for this answer, Brian, but, also…Harrumph! :expressionless:

Thanks Brian.

That sounds better… but also, I’m nervous.

I want you to know, that I never use Roon because of the radio sidebar issue… and that is a very sad thing.

There is not one single person who I have shown Roon to, who haven’t commented on this issue.

If that is the issue for not using you are missing out :grin: