Question for developers

this is a question for developers … with the same hardware are there any qualitative differences between the server versions rock, windows, linux and ios?
thank you

Qualitative in what sense? The Apple server version is for macOS by the way, not iOS

Yes what it is

None as far as I understand it.

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Thinking about the Roon architecture there really shouldn’t be. All “flavours” of core feed bridge endpoints over RAAT plus “exotics” like Chromecasts, LMS, etc. All of these are “standards”, an arrangement that only works well when implementations are close to identical and hence interchangeable.

I have run roon core on 5 different PC’s with four different OS and they all work the same and sound 100% identical. Just choose what’s available or most convenient to you and let it rest.

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iOS version isn’t a core, but I would lean towards recommending Rock as it’s a stripped down single purpose “appliance”, optimized and dedicated specifically to serving Roon clients. SQ wise, there’s no difference.


Yeah … I meant osx … Ok? I imagined that users would express their (personal) opinions I have experienced the core on qnap, Linux (various distros also one optimized for Roon and hqplayer) Windows, rock on nuc 10 i7, virtualized rock and I never perceived differences. This is why I am interested in the opinion of the developers…

What’s there to win if you have already experienced it yourself that it doesn’t make any difference? Besides, the developers will (very wisely) never make a statement about anything regarding sound quality because it is pandoras box.

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Depends on which qualities you’re interested in. But overall, yes, there are, of course.

I hope the developers have better things to do than answer idle questions.


I run Roon core on a Nucleus and a Windows 10 laptop. There is no difference in SQ.