Question for NAD M10 V1/2 Owners Using Roon

To owners of M10 V1 or M10 V2, when using Roon Ready to play to M10 V1/V2, do you see bit depth and sample rate info of the music tracks. when “Front View” is set to “Source (Detailed)”?

In this image that I took before, it shows “MQA and sample rate” but I don’t now since which BluOS version (latest is v3.20.53), the information is no longer available on my unit. Could anyone else confirm you are noticing the same thing?

Screenshot 2023-08-13 at 10.53.53 PM

Not seeing it on v3.20.52.
V3.20.53 is listed as being a maintenance release fro NAD C 658 only.

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Thanks for confirming! :+1:

Strange that it was there before, but now it’s gone. I wonder if this is Roon issue of NAD issue?

Just upgraded to BluOS v4 Controller and v4.02 firmware on my M10 V2, but the bit depth / rate info when playing tracks is still missing, when the “Source Setup > Frontview” is set to “Detailed”

Not sure if this is a Roon or NAD/BluOS problem. Can anyone confirm this is also happening on your M10 V1/V2? Thanks.

If they just upgraded to a new version of the controller/firmware then I would point to it being BluOS. They have previous form at borking things Roon.

sigh… all BluOS 4 platforms (phone, desktop, device) do not display song bit depth/rate while playing via Roon.

This is going to take some getting used to. Big improvement? :slightly_frowning_face:

It’s very annoying!

I don’t know what the big deal was for BluOS 4. I don’t see any fundamental changes to the user experience, despite the app release being postponed for half a year.

Sure, the graphics are more polished, but in terms of basic features that users would want (ie. bit depth/bit rate), it’s like they don’t even notice.

On the other hand, Wiim’s app and interface is way more mature and just works.

If I didn’t like the sound from NAD M10 V2 so much, I would be switching to Wiim for the better interface / app experience.

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Hopefully 4.0 will grow on me sometime the change throws me off initially. They will massage it hopefully quickly, I only updated my iPad for now. I will leave the Mac as is for now. Change for the sake of change? I will need to spend some more time with 4.0 to make sure though, at least Roon is still working fine and that’s what I use predominantly.

This is what I get in 4.0 when I click on the bluesound symbol bottom left: flac 16/44.1

I’m referring to NAD M10 V2 screen, not BluOS app.

Speaking of which, even on my app when playing Roon, the bitrate/bitdepth information doesn’t show up.

Is this Roon issue or BluOS issue?

In Roon you click on the signal path star for my NAD M10 V1 and you see it (and much more…) So??

but when I don’t have my computer on, or my phone with me, how am I going to see the signal path??

The playback details need to show on the huge NAD M10 screen, because there is ample space.

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The stuff displayed on devices screens isn’t down to Roon it’s down to the vendor on what or how they display it . Take it up with NAD as they obviously changed what they do with Roon input. As it changed after their firmware update it’s plainly lies in their court to fix.

After multiple tickets, NAD’s response is plainly, we will look into it. Not helpful.

They never are from my experience either, this is partly why I no longer own any NAD, the T778 was the most unreliable piece of hardware I have ever had in my entire life, how it made it to market I do not know as I am not alone, a pure lottery if it worked longer than a month.