Question mark in a box

I remember this was a problem a long time ago, but I’m still seeing it… build 1413 on a Mac.

What’s the actual character in the file name on disc?

Thats album “Versions” view above… But the album folders are called:

  • Come Away with Me (24/96)
  • Come Away with Me (24/192)

Screenshot 2024-06-21 at 18.12.08

On a Mac? Finder accepts forward slashes but as / is also the directory separator character, Mac has special behavior with it. I guess Roon would have to add some special treatment to decode it correctly.

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Agree with Mario, this character is not suitable for folder names.
Just exchange it for a hyphen? Works in Mac, Windows and Linux without issues.

Yes, its the folder name: Roon doesn’t like / in the folder name, / is fine in the album title.

If you wanted to use the forward slash, you could add the tag to Roon: VERSION=24/192.

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Excellent idea, thanks Martin.

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Or add it externally, I do it in JRiver before dropping into Roon

This is what I do … I also add tags with ROONALBUMTAG and ROONTRACKTAG.

The Roon Album Tag doesn’t help a box if you make the Album = Box Set for all CDs , you just get a Roon Tag with one album in it.

If you split a box to “pseudo CDs” then yes you get a Tag replicating the box , in my experience only a limited no of boxes split in this way

The OP wasn’t talking about box sets. Anyway, I use tags for favourites, too, and can then use Focus to add favourites, playlists etc.

I am clearly obsessed with box sets to the point of not reading thoroughly :sunglasses:

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