Question: Missing Files

Some months ago I disabled the iTunes folder monitoring in Roon since I couldn’t find a way to remove iTunes Playlists from Roon (either by deleting them in iTunes or in Roon). Once I disabled the watch folder, they vanished… mission accomplished!

I just realized over the weekend that I had some purchased music files in my iTunes folder that were no longer showing up in Roon. I went through the process of identifying the music that I had purchased via iTunes and copied those files over to my Roon Library folder. So all is well… I think.

When I added these files to my Roon library, I noticed that they weren’t showing up on the ‘Overview’ page under ‘Recently Added’. This raised the following question: Is there a way for Roon to show a list of music that has been imported into the database, but for which a music file no longer exists?

As far as I can tell right now, if I delete a song file, it simply disappears from the the Roon UI without any indication that it ever existed. I don’t see an option in Focus that would surface db entries with missing music files. I do see that Library Maintenance shows the number of files without associated music files, but no further details are made available.