Question on Raspberry Pi with Digi+ HAT

I plan to purchase a Raspberry Pi with a Digi+ HAT. I understand that this will allow me to have a USB output (from RPi) and a Toslink output (from Digi+).

I have a preamp that accepts both types of inputs (Toslink and USB).

Question: Will the Raspberry Pi plus Digi+ combination output a signal from both USB and Toslink simultaneously? Or do I have to choose one or the other?


You have to choose one… It cant output to both.

Yes, it can:

At the same time, or even grouped:

(The IQAudioDAC is just an example since it’s currently bolted on my TestPi – no reason this should not work with a Digi+ board as well).

Just asking myself why you would want to do this when connected to the same DAC.

It can out put music on both interfaces at the same time???
I dont think it can, I try and it wont see both interfaces on my iFi… . Two USB dacs is different though.

Edit: Crap I read the OP wrong!
My apology’s. Yes one USB and one from the Digi+ you can out put to both, Didn’t know roon can do this as it takes some trickery from ALSA to output to both. Nice to know…

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Yes, it can:

(I even verified there’s actually sound with my headphones :D).

Look at my above edit. :wink:

Too late. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok Ill stop now…

My existing DAC has both an USB input and Toslink inputs. However, the USB input is not asynchronous so I was planning on comparing the sound via USB and Toslink and then determine which sounded best.

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