Question regarding node-roon-api-image

(Robert Shostak) #1

I noticed that in the excellent roon-extension-web-testapp, images are fetched using an http: call in the img HTML element rather than using the node-roon-api-image api. If one were to use get_image() in the API, how would the fetched data buffer be displayed in HTML without first creating a file containing it? Also, given that http: is used in the test app, why is the node-roon-api-image even registered as a required service?

Incidentally, I was very impressed with how much functionality was packed into just a couple of files in the test app using Vue - seems much simpler to use than React, for example. Part of the compactness is due, of course, to the maintenance of browsing state in the core, which was a great design decision. Nice job!