Question regarding Ropieee and USB Class 2.0 DAC

Due to some unexpected stock complications, I’ve got an opportunity to switch a recent Rotel S14 order to a “better” amp for free… but it doesn’t have streaming support. I already extensively use Ropieee (thanks @spockfish :grin: ) so that’s not a big issue, but I’m a bit concerned about this in the specs of the Rotel RA-1572 MkII:

PC-USB: Support

  • USB Audio Class 1.0 (up to 96kHz 24bit)
  • USB Audio Class 2.0 (up to 384kHz 32bit) - Driver installation required

Does Ropieee support Class 2.0 DACs without a driver?

I don’t use Ropieee but Raspbian (Pi OS) and DietPi (and linux distributions in general) do so I can’t see any reason why not.

I noticed that that comment in the quote from the specs about ‘Driver installation required’ is in the PC-USB support section - which implies, to me, that it relates to Windows PCs which may well require a driver to be installed.

If in doubt, and you don’t get a chance to try it out before buying, make sure that you specify that the substitution is only acceptable conditional on it working - and then you should be able to return it without question if there are any issues.

Thanks Wade,

The specific input is called PC-USB (it has other USB mass storage inputs named differently) so the same input is used with lots of OS types, but I agree that the driver comment means for Windows… I’m asking them about the driver support, but a conditional swap is a good idea. On the one hand I’m annoyed because the whole point of the S14 was a Roon Ready device for my main listening position, but on the other hand I’ve found Ropieee so reliable (yes even in 2024 :wink: ) that I’m almost happier to be using it instead (and with a better amplifier)… as long as it works :slight_smile:

James I seem to remember that @Boris_Schaedler has an extension for volume control of Rotel devices with network ports.

I was looking at buying that amplifier before eventually going for an Arcam SA30 as it was already Roon Ready.

It’s also worth noting that USB Audio Class 2.0 is required by any USB connected DAC to support sample rates above 96/24 - so I’m sure you would have heard about it on this forum if Ropieee did not support USB Audio Class 2.0.

Also, my understanding is that Windows 11 and even later builds of Windows 10 support USB Audio Class 2.0 out of the box so the comment is probably just a CMA statement relating to older Windows installations :grinning:

Yes it does. RoPieee uses the Linux OS, which does not require specific drivers for a DAC.
It solely relies on the UAC (USB Audio Class) standard and supports all available versions of that.

The remark in the manual is purely related to a Windows environment.

There is a small possible caveat here: the fact that it is formulated like this in the manual also suggests they do not officially support Linux. In other words: if their implementation is rocky (which unfortunately I’ve seen before with other vendors) then you might run into trouble. I do expect though that it will work out of the box.



Thanks Harry,

That’s great to hear. I’m also asking them if they can confirm support per Wade’s suggestion, but it sounds like I can go in with the expectation that it’ll work.


Since Windows 10 release 1703, in April of 2017.

I use the “Rotel Amps (IP Control)” of @Boris_Schaedler already for years.
It is working perfectly to manipluate the volume knob via Roon.
You can also go further and use a extra volume knob via rooExtend and rooDial (or rooNuimo, if you find one).
It works all perfectly together.


Thanks Frank, hopefully that will be good news for @James_Fitzell

I already have 2 Nuimo devices with RooExtend and they are great. Always a good feeling as you turn the volume up and down and skip a track etc