Questions about using the signal from the Roon Core server direct to playback system

A few questions on non-standard Roon networks. Appreciate your help…

  1. It is my understanding that Roon will play OK through a streamer-DAC that is NOT a certified Roon-endpoint, as long as you output from the Roon Core server by USB directly to the DAC. Is this correct?

  2. Now, suppose I send the server’s signal via optical ethernet, converting to USB right before the DAC? Same answer as question 1?

  3. Now, another wrinkle to keep things interesting. I’ve been thinking about putting a MiniDSP SH Studio in front of the DAC. This box has a streamer (not Roon Ready) and Dirac Live for room correction. It outputs a digital signal in two formats - AES-EBU or SPDIF 75 OHM RCA’s into the Streamer/DAC. Let’s say it’s a Brooklyn Bridge, a certified Roon endpoint. Would Roon “see through” the MiniDSP and recognize the Brooklyn streamer as an appropriate endpoint…or would it throw up an error message saying I must be nuts?

Roon certified devices, I.e. Roon Ready, only applies to devices that are accessed via the network, without the mediation of RoonBridge. It isn’t necessarily about USB output.

So, #1 & #2 are GTG.
Not sure about #3. I’m thinking probably not, but someone else will chime in.

It depends. If you are connecting the endpoint and the DAC via AES-EBU or SPDIF then that is it, Roon just sees the endpoint, not the DAC beyond.

If it connected via USB, then there is a chance depending on the endpoint and DAC that Information about the DAC gets reported back to Roon.

For a thorough discussion, read this post:

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