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I have all of my FLAC files on an external HD and have been playing them using JRiver on my Desktop. I have an Oppo UDP 205 & Marantz 8802A. I have the JRemote app installed on my iPhone & iPad Mini. The most annoying thing about JRiver is there is no way to sort media.
All of my FLAC files are in one folder and I play them shuffled. But if I want to play a particular song, it’s a PITA to search for that song in the JR Interface and when I play that song, the shuffle feature is stopped and the rest of the songs are played alphabetically. I have to choose the shuffle option again.
Can Roon keep playing songs randomly after I manually choose a song or will I have to select a shuffle option again? I’m having a hard time finding a music management system that can do this. The Oppo 20x Media Control app CAN’T do it, unlike the older 10x Media Control app for my BDP 105 which could do it.

Thanks in advance

Can you post a pic of your files, not sure what you mean by all my FLAC files are in one folder, usually music is riped to a music folder and stored by Artist, then by album, so are you saying you 1 folder and it’s just Tracks?

Also post a pic of your JRiver interface, how do you see your music

also do you have your music in Roon? how does the same music look in Roon

All my music is ripped to one folder. Here is a partial view of what it looks like in JRiver. It’s too big to get all of it.I use 1 folder for ALL tracks. I have not installed Roon yet.

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your looking at Playlists, on the left, scroll up to Audio, click that once to expand that menu item, it should show you a breakdown by Artist, Album, Tracks, etc, let’s see what that looks like, in there you should be able to play by one of those options

Have you asked in the JRiver forum? They are usually pretty helpful.,63.0.html

(I was a JRiver user for many years, but abandoned it in favour of Roon when I got into Qobuz.)

Not exactly sure what your use case is, but Shuffle will stay on until it’s manually turned off.

A major complaint of mine, but we don’t need to go there. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Jez I have asked this question LONG ago at the JR boards without replies.


There is some good news and possibly bad news.
The good news is that Roon takes all the information and creates a large database. What you see after that is via the database. So you can sort by Artist and Album easily If you pick several albums you can shuffle them.
Specifically, you could select three albums, and start to play them in shuffle mode. If you want to play a single track you would choose “Play Next” and it will insert that song after the song now playing. It will play that new track and then continue with the rest of the shuffled queue.
One potential downside is that if all of your tracks are in one large flat folder, Roon MAY misidentify albums. It SHOULD be able to do that by the metadata alone, but frankly I’d expect to see some situations where an albums is not properly identified. You can manually identify the album, of course.

I have been a JRiver user for 10 years .

It looks like your JRiver interface has no customization it’s one on the major differences between JRiver and Roon

You can add extra views to the left hand tree based on a rules engine to “slice and dice” you library whichever way you want

Here is probably not the place to discuss it. Put a post on the JRiver forum and I will point you in the right direction

I am amazed yo got no response as the JRiver forum is normally very responsive. If your username is not the same as here please pm me your name so I can help


Shuffle is just the order of the songs, in JRiver, the Play Doctor will pick ramdom related music, and on the top right you should have Repeat and Shuffle toggles for the play Q, I like what others suggest, use Roon and it will sort everything, and once you select some songs, Roon Radio, if you’ve enabled it, will pick more music and will continue selecting music apparently forever.

Yes, I understand. Thanks for that, anyway.

I am answering the OP’s question about having to choose Shuffle again.

First of all, thank you for all the very quick replies!

After what @Mike_O_Neill posted, I figured I must have missed something in JR UI all this time. After some testing with the settings & my iPad/iPhone, I believe I found it. Dunno how I could have missed it all along. :roll_eyes:

I apologize for not researching further and posting on the Roon boards. Perhaps if I do indeed get tired of JR, I will convert. :grinning:

Thanks again

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sorry I must have replied wrong, I ment to respond to OP also.

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I am now at my PC so I can post images

This is mine . My files are split into major folder Rock, Classical & Jazz. Using Rules you can split off each major genre. Also you can define a sub set of say Composers . You can do pretty much anything



I am unable to send PMs. Thank you @Mike_O_Neill but it wasn’t a sorting issue. Shuffle was set to “Automatic” and had to be switched to Shuffle On. The mistake I made was I kept toying with all the settings on the left panel.

You can now. I’ve upped your status.