Queue loads slowly

I’m someone who likes to queue up 6 - 10 albums at a time, particularly with new releases. When I tap the queue button in Roon it’ll take 6 seconds to load the list (this happens even if there is only an album or two queued).

Once I’ve tapped it and its loaded, the next time I tap it, it loads straight away. Problem is, I’ll leave the app to listen to the music and come back, it then does that again.

Managing the queue then becomes irritating and I find myself gravitating towards other apps just to listen to music because its faster.

Is this a me problem or is this just the way the queue works in Roon?

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The Queue screen has always been the slowest to load for me. Lately, it’s been extra slow.

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You may consider to reveal your core’s specs for potential suggestions to be meaningful - I have a hunch, you may be running some old Mac mini or under-spec NAS?

No comparable problem here (check my config by clicking my avatar).

I use long queues and I haven’t had this problem on any remote (I use Android and Windows). Now I have a queue of almost 4 days (more than 1100 tracks) and it loads instantly.

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Apologies, I’m running the core on a 2017 macbook air. Core is plugged into a nighthawk router. Use remotes on iOS and android, problem is on both. Cloudflare DNS.

Good to know its not just the way it works. I’ll have to think about a core upgrade in that case.

What is your core running on?

A Salkstream III from 2016 (running Linux Arch, i5 processor, 8gb ram).

May also have to do with available memory and library size?

1731 albums (924 Qobuz, 807 local).

It’s odd though since all the other screens are pretty snappy.

PS - everything except my iPad and iPhone is hard wired.

PPS - Hmmm, I just added a bunch of tracks to the Queue and tested how long the Queue screen comes up. It’s near instant now, just like the other screens. I give up trying to explain anything Roon does, lol.

I see this once I’ve loaded the queue once, its instant. Until my remote presumably puts the app to sleep. Then IRS another 6 second load.

I also have a similar number of albums to you.

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Yep, I just checked and am seeing the same.

I also just discovered when in the Queue screen, if I click the Queue button again it takes me back to the previous screen I was viewing. :grinning::+1: Am I the only one who didn’t know this? :grin::blush:

That does not happen for me, odd.

That is weird. :thinking: