Queue (v1.4) suggestions

I really appreciate the new queue functionality, but I think there’s some room for improvement. Some thoughts below, based on my experience using the new queue functionality on an iPhone.

-I struggle with manipulating items in the queue - depending on where I tap on an entry I’m either taken to the album the item appears on or shown a pop-up menu that says Play From Here or Remove. You need to tap very precisely to ensure that you get your desired behavior (i.e., view album or get pop-up). I would prefer that a click on an item in the queue invoke the Play From Here functionality and have everything else accessed from the vertical ellipsis. Because 90% of the time when I click on something in the queue I want to play it.

  • If I’m scrolling through the queue and I tap on an item and am taken to the album view for that item, when I click “back” I end up seeing the end of the queue, not the position I had scrolled to. This is really frustrating when you have a lengthy queue.
  • It would be nice to have jump-to-end and jump-to-top buttons for the queue.
  • I would like to be able to see per song/entry metadata from the queue/now playing screen. Is what I’m listening to a Flac file or some other format? What is the full album name (it can get really truncated in the queue on a phone’s screen)? Credits for the track? Having to navigate to the album really slows things down.
  • Allowing the functionality that collapses skipped tracks to be turned off by the user.

+100 on the last sugggestion about collapsing skipped tracks. I’d rather not have the queue do this. It’s just weird.

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With 1.4, I am now using the queue as more of a giant playlist that Imove up and down thru to pick different interests and new materials.

I would like the queue and history tabs to be more differentiated.

  1. Dont add the Radio autoplay songs to the queue. They are fine to show up in history, but shouldnt be added to the queue. I tend to leave my music playing, and have tons of autoplay songs corrupting my queue.

1.5 I am tending to add entire albums to the queue as a way of discovering new music. Would be nice to be able to collapse on an album level and then expand individual albums as I want to play them. This way, my queue could contain tons of songs, but be easier to navigate, as most songs would be contained as part of an album entry.

  1. id like a way to delete blocks of songs (or maybe albums) from the queue. That way I could easily remove albums as I no longer want them in the queue.

  2. If I hit the wrong area of a song, it takes me to the album. When I go back, Ive lost my place in the queue.

  3. Its not clear where to hit on the queue item to ’ play from here’.

  4. mostly I seem to always expand the skipped items as I tend to bounce back and forth in the queue and dont want to miss albums or songs. Maybe it would make sense to collapse 1 or more songs into into an album entry. That way if there are individual songs, they wouldnt dissapear, but if there are multiple songs from the same album, they would collapse into one album placeholder.

Very pleased with Roon!



+1 (hundred) for an option to turn off the collapsing of skipped songs in the queue.

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