Quick fix how to delete subdirectories within Windows 10 (64 bit)?

Good day to you all , I am very busy to edit my music files in various drives (mostly Synology 8 x 4 Tb) in Roon . I wonder if there is a quick fix to delete subdirectories within Windows 10 (64 bit) because there is no need for these subdirectories any more …

In Winwows Explorer, you go the directory containing the subdirectories (folders) you want to delete.
Click the top subdirectory to select. press and hold SHIFT whilst clicking the last one in order to select all, and then press DEL to delete.

But I have hunge this is not really your question?

Hello Dirk tnx fr responding ! No , this is not my question because when I set that action in motion I get the info that the file in question is a Thumbs database directory and when deleting it has consequences for the programme , in quite a number of cases I put through anyhow and sometimes it will work and the folder is deleted . So if there is an automated command to get rid of the stuff , I would be a happy camper . In some
cases I restart the pc and it will help in some occasions but I cannot understand the logic when the folder is deleted and when not .

You can do that from the Windows Command Prompt
Please google ‘delete subfolders from Command Prompt’ and you will have all the examples you can wish for

I will do that .
Tnx !