Quick jump to track view on bar

Often I go off exploring the library and/or qobuz whilst an album is playing. Meanwhile, you can see the track that is playing on the bottom bar. What would be great is if you could immediately jump to current track in the track view of the playing album by clicking a button on the bottom bar. The bottom bar seems somewhat underused anyway. Perhaps there is some way of doing this quickly, but if so I haven’t found it. Actually I’m not sure why this isn’t the default functionality for clicking on the bottom bar icon.

Two clicks … click Queue then Album cover of track currently playing … or Album cover (centre) to Now Playing screen and then Album cover on left … to reach current track which is highlighted.

Or is that 1 click too many?

Yes I found that after some experimentation (I’m quite new to Roon). I probably missed it earlier, because In the IOS app you have to be very careful about how you click, i.e. it has to be a gentle staccato stab otherwise you will just expand the album cover size. Also, in the IOS app it doesn’t go to the current track, but the top of the album/playlist so that would be an improvement - unless you know a way of getting it to do that too :). That would be rvery useful especially for classical fans with huge box sets or those with long playlists.