Quick question about hqplayer and an endpoint

I am going to be using hqplayer (30 minutes at a time) with my roon install. For my roon endpoint I am running a RPI 4B. In order to do dsd upsampling, I have a I7 workstation with an nvidia card. Would hqplayer OS work on a raspberry pi 4b? I read somwhere in another thread that RPI isn’t well suited to passing dsd. Is that really the case if if so, what should I use? My funds are limited as to what I can do, so please nothing expensive. I guess I should change my username to something like “my wallet is empty” or something like that …lol. Any advice that you could give would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

An RPi4 is fine for an endpoint - I use one with Ropieee and the NAA enabled - no issues passing DSD256 and I know others use it at higher DSD rates.

Just Ropieee or ropieee xl?

… RoPieee only … RoPieee and RoPieeeXL were merged more or less one year ago

Thank you so much. The threads that I had been reading were a few years old.

I was able to get everything working properly tonight. Thank you all for your help.

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