?: Quickest way to Identify (map Roon metadata) Blu-ray (i.e. SW Yes, KC, etc.)?

There is a trend to have Blu-rays with music tracks (i…e Steve Wilson remixes) and the Blu-ray disc produces a list of music tracks that equal to multiple albums or groupings (i.e. New Mix, 5.1 Mix, Old Mix, Live, Bonus Material). My files may be in Old Mix, New Mix, 5.1 Mix, etc. order where Roon Metadata is New Mix, 5.1 Mix, Old Mix, etc. I can renumber the tracks to match inside Roon but when the disc has 100 tracks that is a pain. Is there a better way? I can ignore Roon matching and just use my file tags but then I lose the augmented metadata from Roon.

When there are multiple possible metadata matches it is more complicated.

These Blu-rays tend to have an album with various mix options (i.e. 5.1, Flat Transfer, Old Mix, etc). Sometimes the Meta data doesn’t have all the versions (I.e. SW New MIX, SW New Mix Flat Transfer on disc but only one in meta data.

Suggestions? I have been setting up the King Crimson boxes which has proven to be very time consuming for the DVD-A and Blu-ray discs.

Once setup I can navigate these ~25 disc boxes better and don’t have to struggle with disc removal from sleeves and tearing the gatefolds to get the disc out :slight_smile: