Quiet PC fanless + Ubuntu Server core

Moving in the direction of a totally quiet Roon setup, I just got a Quiet PC UltraNUC Pro 7 Fanless (https://www.quietpc.com/sys-ultranuc-pro-7-fanless) to replace my standard i5 NUC. Installed Ubuntu Server 18.10, Webmin for remote administration, and Roon Server. The default Ubuntu Server install does not include ffmpeg, samba, or cifs-utils, so you need to add those with apt install. Backed up my old core, and after a couple of false starts from slightly confusing Roon start up and restore screens, I have the new core up and running. The music is still on a non-silent NAS, so the project is not complete, still considering a few alternatives to get to total quiet.

Do you use the Core directly connected to your stereo? I use the Aleutia R50 (i5) from QuietPC, but its not yet connected to my DAC via USB.
I have so far preferred using endpoints such as Allo USBridge, SOtM sMs-200 and my Aries G1.

Two endpoints: Auralic Aries Femto and Metrum Ambre. The core has to be in the same room as the Ambre-based system, thus the search for quiet.

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Set up the same today - fanless, headless Ubuntu Server running Roon Server.
Streamcom Sentinel case and AMD Ryzen 3 PRO 4350G, 8gb RAM.
120Gb M2 drive for the operating system and my home folder set up on a separate 1TB SSD for files.
Hardwired to router.
Very easy to set up.
Samba for drag and drop of music files to the server, Cockpit for server monitoring and full reinstallation of Roon library was all very smooth.