Quite Poor to be honest [Solved]

I’ve been someone who has championed Roon from day one, all the the little niggles ive let go, but now I have to say I’m not impressed. I can no longer play music, yeah the main reason for buying roon.
The music stored on my NAS is seen by roon, its shown with cover art etc and i can select it. BUT it wont bloody play. Good job I have Tidal or tonights party would have been quiet.
I don’t want support, I don’t want help, I’m just here to let you know I will not be renewing my subscription and I will be telling people to look else were for music software

I respectfully disagree

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I can understand that it is frustrating when something stops working, but I don’t understand why not ask for support. The roon guys are as helpful as they can.

Chances are that it is not even on the roon side, since Tidal is working.


If you where championing Roon, surely it would be nice to know where the problem is so it can be fixed?

How is it not working? No zones? Playing but no sound? Skipping all tracks?

How bizarre.

Since it works very well for (at the very least) most of the folks on this board, we’d need to look into the specifics of your system and network environment. If you post them here, and are not too frustrated to answer a few questions along the way, I suspect one of us board members, or the helpful folks at roon are very likely to spot the problem.

A good starting point would be to list all the related components in your system:

  • Where the music is stored, and if on an external device, what the specific device is and what driver version is in use
  • Where the roon service is running
  • What endpoints you are using
    Then list the specifics of how those components are networked together. Please remember to include any intermediary routers, repeaters, wi-fi or other devices.

No offense, but these kinds of issues are almost always specific to the installation. A little prying is likely to do the trick.

Well, akimo. I think he specified in this post

It doesn’t sound like a network topology issue since roon can apparently see the store. It would be interesting to know exactly what happens when he tries to play. How does the UI behave? Does it think it’s playing, but no sound is present, or does the UI not show any play progress?

On a guess, the roon support folks will probably identify the symptoms with a root (roon?) cause very quickly.

Well, I do understand the disappointment if you have a party and the music doesn’t work right, especially if you have been talking up one of your audio components and it misbehaves. It seems that that is where he is at the moment, since he doesn’t want any help. If that changes, I’ll be happy to help as will others on the forums, like yourself.

Roon is only as good as the infrastructure it exists on. Apparently you have some issues with your infrastructure that need to be resolved, but jumping to the conclusion that Roon is at fault would be the easier road to travel.

Hi @DonkeyKong,

Sorry for the trouble here. As others have mentioned, this class of issue tends to be related to your environment, but it’s absolutely possible that something’s gone wrong with Roon, or that there’s a bug here.

Either way, we’re always here to help when members have problems, and I really do understand and share your frustration when things aren’t working right. I know you said you’re not looking for support, but I’m going to reach out via PM and see if there’s any way we can make this right for you. If we can help in any way, we will.

Thanks everyone!

It wasn’t the fault of Roon, but my nas.
So sorry, I will continue to champion this wonderful software and next time keep my mouth(posts) shut before I do a full check on my system
Yours(very embarrassed)


No worries Phil. Main thing is that you’ve found the problem and are listening to music again. We’ve all felt the frustration of something not working right.

Next time it could be Roon; I don’t think it’s possible to publish continually developing software into a software/hardware environment this complex that doesn’t contain bugs. It’s certainly been a revelation to me to see how a change in one area has a completely unintended consequence in another. Most of these get picked up in testing, but testing has to come to an end, particularly when subscribers are waiting for bugfixes. So in those circumstances the most that can be done is to provide responsive support backed up with software engineering smarts. I think Roon gets that right, and that may be an equally important change in this industry as the software itself.

Edit: Brian recently posted a bug hunt as complex as you would want to get. I still maintain it was poltergeists.

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@donkeykong - Hat’s off to you for acknowledging the problem, and having the courage to admit a diagnostic mistake. Many would not have been so forthcoming. :+1:

Glad you got it working though. Thanks for the follow up.

Back to enjoying Roon now… :blush:

Hi Phil,
Just for future ref…what was the NAS issue? It might helps others to resolve.


I had stupidly let the Nas volume my music is stored on run very very low on space. Moved some none music related stuff off of the volume freed up space and bingo. Not sure if it was because all my music is in flac format and it needs to decompress to play?
I’ll be monitoring my NAS more closely now.
Back to listening to my music

@DonkeyKong Great comeback. I can relate to your frustration when things don’t work the way they’re supposed to – for sure at party time! :wink:

But it does show character putting things in perspective after they have been cleared up. Thank you for keeping these forums a lively yet civil place.