Qurious Question! ;)

I sometimes use the Lumin/Esoteric App on my iPads, to control another OpenHome compliant player.
I notice a difference in app behaviour when using Twonky vs Minim 2 as server side software on one of my NAS devices and was wondering whether i am doing something wrong or the app is designed this way.

What i notice is this:
When selecting a Twonky based library the Lumin/Esoteric app seems to consume the whole index and build a local index in the app itself, a local cache it seems. But when i use Minim2 on the back end the Esoteric/Lumin app seem to on request information from the server “on demand” so to speak.
The user experience seem to be a bit more fluid and smooth with Twonky on the back end so…

If i rather use Lightning DS for controlling my Aries’ the app performs the same kind of local caching as i see with Lumin app and Twonky server, with a similar user experience once loaded.

Can i force the Lumin app to locally cache the library index when Minim2 is on the back end?

On selecting a MinimServer for the first time, Lumin app will create a local library (cache) that can be browsed offline.

To force this process again (in case killing and relaunching the app, then Update Library still does not reveal your new albums), in Lumin app choose Reload Library.

Thanks for the input Peter! Appreciated!
I had some custom index tags configured in Minim2 that the Lumin App didn’t like. I reverted to the default tags and, yay! :smiley: I’m up and running!