RAAT on Unrecognized Devices

If I connect an unrecognized (not Roon Tested) USB DAC to a Roon Bridge endpoint (e.g. DietPi SBC), does RAAT still work the same as with a Roon Tested DAC? I realize that volume and transport controls might not work the same, but is the sound quality still the same? Does the DAC still control the timing of the signal?


Hi Andy. Not sure if this information helps you at all but here is what I noticed with a Roon Ready Device. I got an ELAC Discovery Z3 speaker system for my Kitchen area. After I got it connected and working the sound was very thin, not much bass and too much high end. Just did not sound good. I was able to correct some of that with DSP, adding 3 db to the bottom end and removing 3 db from the top end but it still wasn’t what I expected.

When I looked at the setup I noticed Roon indicated the device was unrecognized or something along those lines. There was an option to configure. In the setup Roon indicated that a firmware update was available for the device. I did the update and after that it was recognized and sounded great without the DSP. So in this instance it did make a big difference when the device was recognized.