RAAT SDK latest version?


What is the newest version of RAAT SDK?

My node has 1.1.36, but is has not been updated for a long time.


That’s what I have on my Bluesound Pulse devices. All up to date

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Hello @gert_mogensen,

Generally, the RAAT SDK version is not something end-users should ever have to worry about. At this point in RAAT’s development, actual SDK updates are mostly about:

  • Fixing rare bugs
  • Adding support for quirks of new hardware products that haven’t come out yet

So there isn’t much of a point in pushing existing certified to do work/take risk in updating if they aren’t hitting the bugs and don’t have those quirks.

Additionally, a fair amount of the code is delivered from Core->Endpoint “just in time”, which relaxes the pressure on firmware updates quite a bit. This is one of the most important innovations of Roon Ready/RAAT – the protocol can change quite dramatically without updating firmware.



Thanks for clarifying John :blush:

Where is the changelog since the latest versions till Roon RAAT 1.1.41 ?

Why do you need to know it doesn’t affect anything related to current certified products and no existing product needs to update to it.

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I found this for you

New capabilities / developments are sometimes interesting to follow.

As it’s been said above RAAT SDK doesn’t get features so isn’t worth knowing it can stay the same on any device and it has the same Roon functionality of any other Roon Ready device. They can be on v1 and it will be the same as the latest. Changes to RAAT that affect its performance or underlying architecture are done core side not in the endpoints. So OEMs don’t have to update their firmware if Roon makes changes. It’s primarily for new RR devices to add support for them, fix bugs or issues with them before release.

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