RAAT SDK latest version?


What is the newest version of RAAT SDK?

My node has 1.1.36, but is has not been updated for a long time.


That’s what I have on my Bluesound Pulse devices. All up to date

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Hello @gert_mogensen,

Generally, the RAAT SDK version is not something end-users should ever have to worry about. At this point in RAAT’s development, actual SDK updates are mostly about:

  • Fixing rare bugs
  • Adding support for quirks of new hardware products that haven’t come out yet

So there isn’t much of a point in pushing existing certified to do work/take risk in updating if they aren’t hitting the bugs and don’t have those quirks.

Additionally, a fair amount of the code is delivered from Core->Endpoint “just in time”, which relaxes the pressure on firmware updates quite a bit. This is one of the most important innovations of Roon Ready/RAAT – the protocol can change quite dramatically without updating firmware.



Thanks for clarifying John :blush: