Rachmaninov Prelude Confusion

On Qobuz I am noticing quite a few composition mixups with Rachmaninov. Not surprisingly this is often where titles are similar:

This Prelude in C-sharp minor should be this Prelude in C-sharp minor

Hi @Tony_Casey,

I think that the current data is correct.

From the review of the album:

The third disc in the set contains the Op. 23 and Op. 32 Preludes, as well as very famous Op. 2/1 C sharp minor Prelude.

From the back cover:

I do see that TIDAL and Qobuz both seem to use Op 3/2 for this track on the album, but that doesn’t seem to be correct according to the back cover and review.

@dylan Sorry, subsequent to our discussion, I’ve just listened to the tracks. The metadata on the cover is indeed wrong… The track plays as Op. 3/2.

Thanks for confirming, Joel. @Tony_Casey in this case I’ll be reaching out to our metadata provider and request that they make a change here. Apologies for the incorrect previous response!

Thanks. I was just about to respond. You beat me to the draw! Makes you wounder just how many proofs went to the printers wrong like this.

We received an update, @Tony_Casey.

Our metadata provider has made the change and this should be reflected in Roon within a week or so. Thank you for your report!

That was quick :grinning: