Rackmount NAS supporting Roon and stream of 4K BDMV backups

Hi, I would like to ask you to recommend me a rackmount 2U or ideally 1U nas for roon and streaming of up to 4K bdmv BR backups. I do not plan any video transcoding. I use a unifi enviroment now, silver nas would be fine but I didn`t any Thank you for your comments,recommendations, reservations in advance!

You do not specify what capacity you require but QNAP has a number of 1U, 2U and up NAS boxes. Here’s an example with a decent Celeron processor:

you dont say how big your library is either which really matters as CPU on many NAS is not cut out for such large library use nor DSP options being used in many cases.

I would stick with full intel i3/5/7 CPU’s IMHO

Rack mounted NAS is normally quite noisy so having it out of your living area is a must too.