Radio 1.6 uses Qobuz online versions with no metadata in preference to local library versions with metadata

@support. Not sure if this is a metadata or qobuz or radio 1.6 issue or all three.

  1. When queuing up a track in radio 1.6 with Qobuz switched on, roon will not first check if you have a local version and play that by preference (I do not have Tidal so I don’t know if the behaviour is similar).

  2. There are several threads where it is requested that if the local version is higher resolution and/or different master then roon should play that.

  3. I find that Qobuz (in roon) frequently has no composer credits and/or no composition hierarchy. This impacts classical a lot and is being raised in several threads. Where this happens (a lot) I have been adding the albums to my local library so that I can manually edit the missing metadata.

  4. However, I now find that roon radio 1.6 will not use the local library version with all the carefully curated manual meta-data but instead the Qobuz on-line version with all the missing metadata.

  5. Are there any plans to use local library versions in preference to streaming versions, or is this a feature request?

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Hi @Tony_Casey,

I definitely recommend checking out Mike’s post here: Radio playback chooses Tidal MP3 over Qobuz CD quality

He explains how Radio is currently deciding which versions to play and mentions improvements that we are hoping to make in the future.

@dylan. I think I didn’t explain myself well.

Others have raised the issue that roon is picking lower bitrate versions.

My point is that versions with no metadata are being picked not that lower bitrate versions are being picked. I find lower bitrates an edge case as mostly my local and Qobuz versions are the same and when they are not, only occasionally would I prefer the higher bitrate.

I don’t believe that the lack of metadata is an issue with Qobuz because when I use their aps normally it is there. So it seems to be a Qobuz<->roon mapping issue. But the consequences especially in radio are real. Where composition hierarchy is missing from the version roon picks then roon will queue up only the part of a multi-part work, instead of the entire work. Also, when there is no genre, composer, artist, or role metadata roon radio will start queuing up increasingly wild choices as it doesn’t have much to go on.