Radio algorithm after full album play seems narrow

For the first time since using Roon I’ve experienced the narrow selection referred to. After finishing a Stevie Nicks album Roon has been playing mostly Don Henley, Fleetwood Mac, Toto, Boz Scaggs and Rod Stewart for the past 22 hours of playback. I fell asleep last night and woke this morning to Toto. Looking at playback history, on one occasion the same song was played 2x consecutively. I reckon I’ll get through their discographies if I leave it doing its own thing long enough.

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Believe it or not, 7 hours later it’s still streaming mostly the same artists, with Toto a firm Roon favourite :joy:


I believe it, same thing here. My most played album in my 9000+ album collection is Queen “Live at the Rainbow '74” and I have NEVER once chosen it to play.

I would love to hear from any of the Roon guys about when this is going to be addressed, as I’m finding it a BIG issue that seems to of just been pushed off to the side. @mike @danny @brian


@anon94274355 Maybe an ability to set how tightly the radio function follows the last played is an option. I find the radio is very accurate but at a cost of being far too restrictive.


For me it was a Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior double album collection. I found banning it (click heart twice) worked well and shook Radio off the local peak it had gotten stuck on.

I’ve stopped using Radio by and large as as well as the Pretenders above ( and Talking Heads) whatever genre I’m in Roon is attracted to multiband tribute albums such as Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Sun studious etc.

It would be nice to have this issue resolved and as spectacularly enhanced as we come to expect from Roon.



obviously a sub-optimal solution, though I’m not suggesting you don’t agree w/me on that…

No, I quite agree, Radio needs work. But banning a particular problem album can provide immediate relief. As I understand it the algorithm uses genre metadata as one input and it can get stuck on albums with excessive genre fields.

Whenever I play some kind of EDM (that’s Electronic Dance Music for you classical listeners :slight_smile: ) which is what I enjoy the most, Roon Radio always play three or four different artists after my queue has finished. There are other artists tossed in between them, but overall the radio is consistent enough to annoy me to the point of madness.

Let’s say I’ve played some Infected Mushroom or Gareth Emery (which are entirely different beasts, by the way) and the queue ends, Roon Radio always plays a mix of tracks from Daft Punk, Above & Beyond, Robert Miles and Chemical Brothers. This happens everytime I play those artists. Seems to be the same tracks, too.

My library holds 10363 tracks, so variation shouldn’t be a problem. Especially since Roon treats all of the artists above as sounding similar (which they really, really don’t).


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Here’s one for a start. Radio algorithm after full album play seems narrow
I believe an overhaul’s on the roadmap.

I’m personally hoping that it incorporates a degree of user-preference-control, and embodies the power of Roons metadata - ‘similar to’, ‘followed by’ etc - as well as play count and play history, and streaming services.

Thank you! Let’s continue the other thread instead.

Yes, I’m sure a kind mod will move/terminate this one for us :slight_smile:

Merged the other thread here. Cheers.

Since I have banned the 10-12 most played albums by the Radio Function, the varation in music is back. So I can underwrite the use of banning - but I’ve also found out that you have to ban quite a lot of albums ( check the “most played list”) to change the unwanted behaviour of the radio function.

I eagerly await a more intelligent and manageble radio function; let’s hope it is coming soon as banning records is not the way to manage your music…

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Not at all. Along with an overhaul of metadata, a full rework of Radio is a top priority for 1.3.

While metadata infrastructure work has to come first (and is already underway), no one here is happy with the current algorithm and we’re absolutely committed to making this first class, guys.


Thanks mike— that’s great to hear.

Any news on when we can expect 1.3?

June? July? End Q3? Q4? 2017?

There’s no news about timing and we shouldn’t expect any. Development continues and 1.3 will be released when it’s ready. We saw two major releases in the first year and a host of “minor” ones (HQP and Squeezebox support was in a minor release). By any measure, it was a hectic pace.

There are other calls now on time that might otherwise be spent on development. Vetting the growing number of Roon Ready products, filling out the Knowledge Base and continuing to provide Service support to an ever increasing number of members with a wider variety of idiosyncratic gear, including long distance diagnosis of network issues.

We’ve seen jobs at Roon Labs advertised for the first time; Software developer and Support representative.

So will the pace of releases slow down, pick up or stay the same ? We don’t know, there are a lot of variables.

Am I confident that the devs have a vision of where they want to go, how to get there and the zeal to see Roon match that vision as soon as possible ? Yes, I am.


@Mike promised me an improved radio algorithm for my birthday if that’s any help.