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I have no issues right now but I stream radio BBC3 every morning during breakfadt, and just heard them announce to listeners who are streaming, that in function of agreements or lack thereof with streaming providors this service will stop mid 2023… are you aware of this situation and how will you handle it?

I would hate to lose my breakfast classical music and bbc comments😂

Thank yoy very much

Apparently, the BBC will stop using the Shoutcast technology.

What are the implications of this for Live Radio in Roon?

Roon supports HLS doesn’t it? So should be able to switch? Not heard the message on 6 Music perhaps they are using the HLS stream already or I have just missed the announcement.

The BBC is deprecating its Shoutcast service which uses the MP3 format, in favour of HLS and MPEG DASH based services.

The links for HLS based services are present in the Roon Live Radio database for the main BBC Radio services (just checked)

Just make sure you have the AAC stream selected as your Default stream

Ignore the kbps rates - the HLS service will sound better


Then hopefully once they have removed the Shoutcast MP3 service and equipment, they can focus on building the MPEG DASH which has already been trialled with a Lossless stream, a number of years ago.

So fingers crossed for a full Lossless FLAC stream of BBC Radio 3, and also not geo-restricted to just the IP addresses within the UK.

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