and - possible to add into Roon?

Just curious if it is even possible to add stations from or into the Roon catalog of stations. Most of the offerings on these two commercial platforms I would not want to “pollute” Roon with… but there are a couple I would like to add if possible.

Do these two content providers have some sort of proprietary block which does not allow their stations to be added into Roon?

You cannot add I heart stations. I’m not sure about Radio.

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These are aggregator stations, and Roon can’t deal with them. If there are particular stations that you see on those, let us know and we’ll try and add directly.

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The station on that I was hoping could be added to Roon is “Strictly Blues.” The other station available through is “KROQ HD2 - Roq of the Eighties.”

If you were able to get either of these Brian that would be great!

Theres a KROQ there already.

let me work on Strictly Blues…

Thank you. There is actually a second KROQ… which is KROQ HD2. That’s the one I would like to get added in addition to Strictly Blues :slightly_smiling_face:

OK, I think I’ve found a stream. check KROQ HD2 please. It’s US only.

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Jackpot. Thanks so much!

Aghh, I found a stream for Strictly Blues, but its an HLS stream and Roon can’t play them at the moment.

When Roon upgrades that bit of Live Radio I’ll be able to add it.

Until then, Sorry.

No worries Brian. I really do appreciate your time and efforts!

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I found a stream for Strictly Blues! Please check and enjoy.
US only.

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That’s awesome! Thank you so much!!

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