Radio Curiosity

In my first four Radio plays in v1.6, all four started with a local library track.

4 X 10 or so tracks later, all the rest were TIDAL. Don’t know what to make of that.

It’s Radio, it will be different every time as I understand it. You can feedback Information on the quality of picks also. This will add to Roons learning.
If you don’t like new music, make a playlist I suppose.

no no, batting 0 for forty just isn’t random, that’s all. Tracks were quite good. I just thought it would have some local tracks.

But I really do hate new music. Anything that I’m not used to sets my teeth on edge. :wink:

If you don’t like new music then Radio in Roon is not for you. You can swim within music you do like.
I often do this in tracks, I select the heart and then it swims through my fav tracks only. That’s cool.

Chris, it was another failed attempt at a little humor. I actually like discovering new music.

I was surprised to see nothing but TIDAL tracks in the first forty selections. That’s all.

Ahhh, I see… didn’t click on there :joy:
I think this is an area that will develope…

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Your appreciation of humour? :wink:


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Lol, both perhaps :joy:

I’m assuming that the sea of TIDAL and Qobuz albums is vastly greater than my little puddle of a library, and therefore it is only logical that tracks would be selected from streaming services?

Tidal / Qobuz can be disabled in Roon Radio…

I would guess that Radio is playing about 15-20 Tidal songs for every 1 local songs. What I don’t understand is that it’s choosing music from albums I don’t have by artists I do have. It’s almost as if it’s deciding I’ve probably heard the local song already and it’s going to play something I haven’t heard. I suspect at some point I’m going to turn off the ability for Radio to use Tidal and just have it pick through my music.

Personally I love this. Radio w/ TIDAL lets me find new music. When I want to get familiar with the music in my library, I can restrict the radio to my library. It’s really slick.

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Not necessarily, Geoff. It would depend on how the search algorithm is structured.

I would have thought that the familiar cuts (a.k.a. local) would have a roughly equal chance of being selected as the unfamiliar.

But, to quote an oft-used millennial phrase, “it is what it is.”

Did you try Radio with Classical? I don’t have TIDAL. I’ve been a stick in the mud streaming holdout. But all the positive reviews of the new Radio got the better of me so I got a Qobuz account to check it out. I’m getting mixed results depending on scenario.

  1. Seeding from local Classical. Very disappointing. I just had the impression the AI could not distinguish sub-genres. Starting from a Schubert Lieder for example I just got a lot of big Orchestral mixed up with a few big Vocal pieces like Oratorios and Opera. Didn’t seem to pay any attention to my thumbs-down. Just seemed to be shuffling popular Classical pieces, anything with a Classical tag.

  2. Seeding from local Pop. Very pleasant but not challenging. It reached out to the Quobuz library but stayed within the same era of my youth and my library. A lot of 80’s/90’s. Stuff I would have picked myself. A lot of repetitions also. I was hoping it would mix it up with more contemporary stuff I didn’t know.

  3. Seeding from a favorited Qoboz album I found on a Qobuz playlist of recent releases that I liked. Absolutely fantastic. Didn’t know hardly any of the tracks roon was turning up and pretty much loved them all. I have just noticed though that Radio has started repeating after 36 tracks.

Now if only it was possible to combine 2 and 3 . . . I’d give a much higher priority to fixing the long list of outstanding Classical issues like box-sets than Classical radio though TBH. Like you I am a bit surprised roon is not dipping much (if at all) into my local library.

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Familiar to you - but that’s not how it works, I believe. The algorithm is taking into account the choices of (many?) thousands of people in the sea of all music.

I think you prevail in this friendly discussion. I was guilty of misperceiving correlation and causation, I’m afraid. :slight_smile: