Radio Deejay AAC station playing at wrong sample rate [Ticket In]

Different menu…

Ahh, my mistake, it’s networked; I thought it was directly connected.

In that case, I don’t know. Tagging @support who will be able to sort you out.

Hi @marco_vicario ,

Are you able to play FLAC stations without issue? I noticed the stations that you are trying to play are AAC stations, so perhaps this is an issue with the AAC/MP3 ffmpeg decoder on your machine.


now doesn t work at all radio deejay station… how can i check aac decoder on my mac? thanks

Did you try a FLAC station and that worked as expected, @marco_vicario ?

I couldn’t find flac station… if you send me a link a can try… in the mean time the radio deejay link doesn’t work at all now… link wrong

Hello @marco_vicario , if you search for flac you will see lots of flac stations.

A reliable one is 95bfm which also has mp3 and aac streams you can test too. If you post the signal path for each, it will help @noris .

The Radio Deejay site is not working at the moment. I’ve tried Tunein and other 3rd party sites too but none work.

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apparently only aac has problem…

On Air | Radio Deejay (from here official web site works)

thank you

Looks like your codecs/ffmpeg has problems. @noris will sort you out.

I cannot play Radio Deejay at all, whether their website or Tunein.
I have tried VPNing to Italy in case they have geofenced things, but that didn’t work either.

good morning

can you please try to fix the problem at least to listen radio deejay even in low quality like before? even another radio (radio capital) doesn t work so the problem should be roon. the official link always work at all time, we use everyday. thank you

Good Morning @marco_vicario , Radio Deejay have changed their URL . I’ve updated Roon’s version and it should now work (apart from your aac issue).

I’ve also updated Radio Capital Music.

Hi @marco_vicario ,

Does the updated URL work on your end? If you still have the issue, can you let us know the exact local time + date you have the behavior occur?

Can you provide more details on how it’s not working? In your previous screenshot it looked like it was playing ok, with :51 seconds in.

The stream source format (with the old URL) should have been 44.1, not 22.05. With the new URL it should now show 48k

It eorks but still same low quality

And you’re still getting half the sample rate (24 vs 48). Strange.

good morning

i have a problem, when i listen radio deejay by roon sometimes, quite often, it stops to play and i need to press play to let it start again. what could be? the internet connection is very stable and most of the time after 1 hour playing about most of the time dosn’t stop anymore. thank you

I’ve just played it a couple of times without problems here in UK.
Are you still getting half the sample rate?

It sounds either the station has an unstable audio stream from time to time, or there is something wrong with your setup.

Let’s see what @noris has to say.

Hi @marco_vicario ,

We have been able to reproduce this issue on a Mac on our end and have put in a ticket for the team. On Windows and Linux, the stream appears to be 48kHz, but on Mac, it is 24kHz.

I can’t comment on a timeline of ticket resolution, but we are aware and tracking this issue now, thanks for the report!