Radio in Tidal not working

When playing a track in Tidal, with Radio set to “yes” (blue button), there is no radio playback after the track ends. is this expected behavior?

if i first add the track to my library, radio will start, but i only hear tracks from my library, none from tidal. i’m logged into tidal, and can browse, add to library, and play tracks, so i don’t think it’s an account issue.


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The feature you’re looking for is still in development – we’re planning a lot of really cool new functionality around Radio, particularly in regards to mixing content from Tidal and your library.

Right now, Radio will only work in your library, and it will also only work for content that we “know” about, meaning we’ve identified it and have some good metadata like genres.

Hi there,

Because I have all my own music ripped to Lossless WMA over the years I have opted to use Roon with Tidal only and am enjoying playing around. I may convert some of my favourite music to FLAC in the future and include it in a Folder to watch. I have not as yet included any of the Roon genres or Roon Essential in my collections because on my first installation doing so put a lot of albums into MY STUFF that I didn’t like.

I choose a favourite Artist or Album from the Tidal section and play it expecting that when it finished Roon will find similar tracks from Tidal, play them on Radio and make me smile :-). In fact I get no Radio, a warning comes up add music. What do I need to do to get Radio to find tracks and keep on playing, surely these should come down from Tidal ?

Hi @kjwho – just moved this post over here.

Our Radio feature automatically selects relevant music from your library. Since we have access to the entire TIDAL library, we expect to give users the option to have streaming content included as well in the future.

Right now Radio will only play music from your collection, so you’ll need to add some local content or TIDAL content to your library to use this feature.

Also, if you’re having any issues with the TIDAL Collections feature, you can find more info here.

At first I thought when streaming Tidal and the play queue is exhausted that Radio did not work at all. But i’ve now noticed a few times that indeed, if left alone, after several minutes Radio starts playing tracks from my library.

Any update from Roon on this - will Roon’s radio feature work with one’s library AND Tidal as suggested would be the case in May?

Yes, a number of improvements to our Radio are planned, and this includes playing Tidal content not yet added to your library.

I don’t have a firm timeline yet, but this will definitely happen soon.

I have the same issue and think Radio is confusing and very limited. I don’t have that many songs in my local library, that’s why I have a streaming subscription. I usually only have high resolution files stored locally on my NAS, for everything else I use Tidal. Also, why do I have to create a library with playlists? If i select a song, no matter if it’s a local stored song or on Tidal, I should be able to use a Radio function based on the current played song. That’s how it works on all other music services…

Do we have an eta for Tidal content in Radio yet?

@mike I’m wondering what the status is on this topic, which appears to be quite old. Currently I see the dialogue “Radio starts in xx:xx” next to my playlist, but it only works periodically. From the thread I’m assuming this may be due to the fact that I’m listening to Tidal tracks that aren’t added to my library? If this is the case, why does the interface tell me radio will start? And, if this is the case, how much longer until it is not the case?

Significant improvements to Radio are absolutely still on our roadmap, and it’s been a busy year since this thread started, with lots of progress on a variety of fronts.

As @brian mentioned yesterday, we are a small team but we are growing and that will ultimately mean accelerated development. I know @joel is chomping at the bit to improve Radio, but much of that work will start with the metadata improvements we’re working on now.

Rest assured, we’re not leaving “well enough” alone – these improvements are coming, and we’ll continue to be as transparent as possible as timelines come together. Thanks for the question @Matt_Bailey.

Hi I’ve recently joined roon and this is the biggest feature request I would have. At the moment I only use the tidal integration (no local files) and would like more discovery features to find new music to develop my library. the discovery and radio features are currently very much based around what is in my library already, I’d like the option for both discovery and Radio to use tidal as well as or instead of my library to help find new music. I’d also like suggestions of similar music listed alongside whatever I’m listening to, a bit like tidal does in its own app. This would be a massive improvement.

It seems like 5 months since this was last discussed, has anything happened? Could it be a option that has been implemented but not obvious in the menu?

Could you please give us an idea of the date of release of this feature which is a big reason why Roon is so good, but relying on TIDAL for music makes the experience much less interesting.

@mike posted an update on this yesterday:

Just wondering if there’s been any progress with upgrading the Radio function to access Tidal tracks?

First time I’ve had this message, nothing similar found to play. Given that the seed was Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits and my library has them, JJ Cale etc this seems a little off?

Was Sultans of Swing in your library, or had you played it from Tidal without first adding it to your library?

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Well spotted, learn something new each time!