Radio metadata links pointing to compilations rather than original albums

I’m not sure what, if anything, can be done about this on Roon’s end, and in all honesty it’s hardly a deal breaker (particularly as I have a lifetime sub!) but I’ve noticed that, when listening to Radio Paradise at least, often the album appearing on the ‘now playing’ display is a compilation rather than the original appearance.
Here are four examples from within the space of 75 minutes today - there may have been more in that time period but I wasn’t noting every song. I checked and all the original albums for each of these songs are available on Qobuz, and it would be nice to be pointed to an original album rather than a compilation, but as I say, if nothing can be done I’ll not worry too much:-


Basic metadata carried by Radio Paradise audio stream only contain a string “artist - song”, with no indication of the album.
Then Roon does its best to match “artist” and “song” with a recording, and a compilation can be picked up instead of the original album. The worst case is with classical, for “Beethoven - Symphony n°9” there are hundreds of matches…
I actually have a solution for you to get better results for Radio Paradise channels: select the FLAC stream which has no native metadata (the one ending with /flac, not /flacm).
This will make Roon look for an alternate metadata source, which has just been integrated with Roon (see Live Radio metadata for BBC, Radio France, FLAC radios and others for more details ).

This alternate source is actually better as the album name is fetched from RP website and added to the metadata message in the form “artist - title / album”). This allows for a better match in most cases.




Thank you for that suggestion. I was most impressed to see the added metadata setup earlier today on BBC stations. I’ll change the stream and see how things go.



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