Radio not starting [when last track played is not in library - Roon activity working on it]

I’m running the latest Roon. When my playlist ends the radio counts down to 0:00 but never starts. The top of the page is blank and says nothing in the que. What am I doing wrong? Thank you.


Is your play list ending on a Tidal track [That has not been added to your library]?

What happens if you queue up a local track [that is in your library]?

Yes my playlist ends on a Tidal track.

The important distinction here is whether the track is in your library or not, as opposed to whether it is local or from TIDAL.

Right now, Radio will only start on content from your library, so if your queue ends on a TIDAL track that’s not in your library Radio won’t start.

We are hoping to address this limitation soon, so Radio can start on non-library content as well.

And if my playlist ends with a local selection then the radio starts, so don’t end a playlist on a Tidal selection if you want radio to play?

Hi Mike, any progress on this update to report? I believe this is on the top of my list for improvements.

We’re actively working on these changes, but I don’t have any timeline or updated to share quite yet.