Radio or Valence or whatever is working great after latest update

I’m not sure why, but after this latest update/upgrade my ROON is for the first time working like it has been advertised. I have 10,253 albums on a Synology DS412+ going through a NUC and Goldnote DS-10 and do not stream from Tidal or Qobuz. It is finally sorting through and playing relevant artists and tracks from where I started. I hope I don’t jinx by offering the compliment, but at least wanted to say I feel like I’m getting my value (if only for 1 day). I didn’t do anything other than have my system unplugged for a few days, then accept the update. Hopefully future changes will not revert back to what it was doing before - playing the same songs, albums and switching to different genres after a handful of tracks! Good job ROON team and Happy New Year all!

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Yeah. I have to say that Roon radio started off a single “interesting” album (ie Matthew Shipp, or Procul Harum, or the Buzzcocks, or Fairport Convention) seems both less “overdetermined” and higher variety within the right family than before. Left alone for too long any of these eventually get into music I just don’t like, but I can get ~90 minutes into each of these, hear music that makes sense and find a few new tunes/artists. Not so before, definitely not true for Spotify on the same artists (though Spotify does much better still for “less interesting” / more popular roots, like Harry Styles or U2).

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Glad to hear this, must give Roon radio a run out again, it’s a part of Roon I rarely use.


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Glad to hear that maybe it’s not just a lucky day! I haven’t tried Spotify…but I was getting ready to try Qobuz…maybe don’t have to spend the money for a while. I’m about 6 hours in today and it’s done great at staying on genre and stuff I don’t pull up on my own!

Thanks John - how do you typically use it? Maybe I should try some other methods too. I had started pulling CDs out again it was getting annoying…probably would have switched over to Qobuz or something.