Radio Paradise FLAC stream with artist and track name - unofficial experimental hack -

There’s a long standing request to have metadata in Roon hen streaming Radio Paradise in FLAC (the feature is already available for MP3 and AAC).
A fellow forumer @Sebastien found an elegant hack, documented here:

With all the hard work already done, it was easy to bring the hack to the cloud and update Live Radio directory.

On Radio Paradise Live Radio page, pick this stream:
Screenshot 2020-05-11 at 17.49.38


  • this is tinkering by hobbyists, delivered to you “as it is”, so if it doesn’t work well (now or in the future), don’t blame Roon team or flood their support
  • the metadata aggregator is running on a private Google Cloud instance, which is low specifications as it is free. I don’t know how it will handle the load of tens of Roon users streaming from it. It probably will break at some point. There is anyway a 100 max connections limit to the server, above that the RSAS streaming software license costs money, and I have no plan to spend some here :slight_smile:
  • if Roon or Radio Paradise don’t like what we did for some reason, I would of course shut down this FLAC Metadata service.

It is working perfectly. Are you planning to implement it in the remaining Radio Paradise streams?

Best regards,

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Roon is looking to hire folks right now. You can work from home. You absolutely should apply!!! Thanks for the work. Perfect solution for what we’ve all been asking for from Roon who didn’t come through for us, but you did. Bravo!!


Technically it can be done yes, I’ll probably let a couple of days pass to see if the platform keeps up with the load of RP main channel, and then add another. Which one, Mellow Mix ?

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Sorry I definitely don’t qualify for the job :slight_smile: I am quite sure Roon techs could do it (and maybe will) but I perfectly understand that it’s not considered “top urgent / top priority” by Roon Product Management. Maybe there are also legal aspects I don’t know about to consider.

I just wanted to see if you were planning to implement this solution more widely. If you think about it, that’s great. I have no clear personal priorities here. Just keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Yes please! Mellow mix is my go to. Thanks for this!


Nice work - thanks very much!


I make sure to send Radio Paradise a little love $$ now and then. It’s user supported…


Thank you for this! Flac + Metadata = Winning!

Fantastic work Remi ! Thanks very much for doing this, it makes music discovery in Roon with RP amazing.

I’ve left a post on RP Forum for KenG referring to this thread.

My vote for next stream is Eclectic.

Also, I must get me a zone named “Salon”. Very classy.

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Thank you so much Rémy!

Best regards from Switzerland,


Been enjoying this for the past two days now. Brilliant.

Listening to mellow mix this morning i really missed the data. I find myself shazaming more and more if I don’t recognize the track.

Nice work!

BillG from RP responded yesterday:

I modified my tutorial to include metadata on the 4 RP radios: main mix, mellow mix, rock mix and eclectic mix.


Thank you @Sebastien
I will add Mellow tomorrow to the Roon Radio directory.

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(metadata down for now for server update as implementation of 4 RP FLAC streams is underway )

Thanks to the update and optimisations done by @sebastien yesterday, all 4 Radio Paradise FLAC stations are now available with metadata!
There are some restrictions I had to set in order to keep load and traffic minimum on my private server (keep in mind it’s an unofficial hack):

  • if you are the first user to stream, you might in some cases not see metadata until the next song starts
  • there is a limit of 20 users for RP and 10 users for each of the 3 other channels - maybe I will have to lower more if performance is bad
  • when the maximum users limit is reached you should be automatically rerouted by Roon to the “official” RP FLAC stream - same audio stream but no metadata

Any issues, please post here.

Streams are:
Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 13.39.21
Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 13.41.41 Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 13.42.11
Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 13.42.38

And if like myself you like Radio Paradise, send some $$!


I do blame Roon. LMS has had this for ages! A total let down by Roon, but a wonderful thing from you!!!


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Thanks Remi !

The Eclectic stream isn’t updating for me, Seems stuck on the Artist and Album that were playing when first opened.