Radio Paradise Mellow Mix (and other RP channels)

Hi, I have previously been able to access Radio Paradise Mellow Mix but in the past few days when I try and start it I get a message saying that the “track is unable to load”. I am able to get the main Radio Paradise station ok, but not mellow mix. I have no trouble accessing it on the BluOS app. Any ideas? Ben

Same here. Must be a problem at Radio Paradise.

IDK. Works on my phone and computer, just not with Roon. The other 3 streams work OK.

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Hello all. Radio Paradise have made some minor changes (see the flac paragraph here.)

The necessary changes to live radio have been made and there will now be two flac streams for each channel. The metadata one ends with the letter m, e.g.
Instead of

Note that RP say if you “experience an increase in dropouts or glitches” in the “m” stream, go back to the old stream.

Let me know if any problems.


PS the eclectic channel has been renamed by RP as world-etc

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My initial problem seems to have been resolved…I haven’t changed anything but can get RP Mellow mix ok now.

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