Radio Paradise flac stream problems

Hmm, I can play flac channels OK, but flacm ones stop.
I’ve just tried playing RP’s flacm channels through VLC and that is hiccupping too.

I suspect RP but that doesn’t help you. May I suggest seeing how it goes tomorrow? Perhaps RP will have sorted things then.

As I said it’s all the streams, metadata or no metadata, when I tried this morning. Just tried again now, the normal flac seemed to work but still took about ,30secs to get going. The metadata one now plays took twice as long to start playing but drops in and out all the time. Some progress I suppose but not ideal.

And it just bombed out with same error on non metadata. Back to the drawing board. Also this is across all endpoints, wired or WiFi.

Ok, the flacm streams may be fragile, but you ought to be getting solid streams on the other flac ones.
Do you want me to move your problem over to #support?

You can, just edited my last post as it just dropped out with same error on non metadata stream after I posted. Lol.

Ok. I’ll collect the relevant posts and start a new thread over there. Once there can you add a post describing your setup and topology please?

Done that so many times :slight_smile: I think they know it by now.

What happens if you play
In a browser or VLC?

Ah no its choppy after a while of playing

Ttried it using Vtuner on my Naim system, the non metadata ones play ok, but the metadata ones are choppy am skip and stop/start. But they start a lot quicker than Roon as well.

So the non-metadata streams are OK on the Naim, but not with Roon?
(Probably worth ignoring the metadata ones for this issue as those are known to be temperamental)

Main and Rock where, but could not get Mellow to work properly. I cant get any on Roon metadata or not to work. :frowning:

FWIW I’ve added alternative streams etc
to each station. See if it helps. I had problems with these a few days ago but they look better now.

EDIT. No, still problems for me.

EDIT later. Seem ok now.

Seems better on the new flacm one you put out on Main Mix. Fingers crossed it keeps.

Metadata not working on Rock and it just bombed out. :slight_smile:

And now they have all gone bad :sob:

Still OK here. Unfortunately you seem to be getting problems others aren’t (hence the support thread). So to keep the posts together, I’ll move these over to there.

Hello all — I’ve been in contact with Radio Paradise and I’ll be sure to follow up once I receive their feedback. Thanks!

FWIW, the paradise Flac streams are now cutting out / interrupting for me frequently too, on all channels. Plus:

  • on startup of (supposed) metadata streams I typically have to use the play button a second time to trigger the stream
  • No metadata showing on the flacm streams, and indicated as ‘unknown’ on the 8022/s/flacm streams
  • the non-metadata flac streams also suffer from interruptions, but it seems less often.
  • flac streams from other stations play fine, so don’t think it’s an issue on this side or with my ISP

UK based

It does seem slow to start sometimes - I have mentioned this to Roon.

I believe the metadata streams are hiccuping outside Roon too - I’ve just tried VLC on mellow mix with metadata and got a dropout.
As RP have said, the streams are “somewhat experimental”.

As regards the “unknown” appellation, if that is what you see, then that is the word being sent by RP - in other words, that is the metadata!

Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

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No worries, and thanks for very quick check and response :+1:.
It was mainly meant as data point in case this was still actively being investigated. All seems to point at Radio Paradise still working things out. Meanwhile happily switched to Radio Bluesflac … with metadata and 15 minutes in without hickups :wink:

Screenshot 2020-06-08 15.05.38