Radio Paradise (& other Roon improvements?)


I left Roon back in June and am considering re-subscribing. Does anyone know if Roon has integrated Radio Paradise properly (fully or even partially) yet? It was one of the reasons I let my annual subscription lapse.

Functionality that was missing in Roon:

  1. Track skipping
  2. Track lookup link for Tidal/Qobuz
  3. Full RP Metadata (or basic RP metadata)
  4. Ability to track the Roon Stream with the companion RP web App
  5. RP Track rating (RP 1-10 rating and add as RP favourite)
  6. RP Mix Selection (this may have been available - I can’t remember)
  7. FLAC lossless stream (not sure it was 16/44 lossless)
  8. MQA support

Also wondering if this ARC thing is as good as PlexAmp (perhaps there is a more appropriate thread for this?)?


Nothings changed It’s an internet radio station in Roon and won’t be treated any differently to any other radio station it’s not a steaming service. So you can’t skip tracks. Although It’s aways had flac streams you have to choose them as your default stream as your offered all varieties. No idea about MQA didn’t know they played it out. But looks to be a BluOS exclusive as is the integration you seek.

It has now playing metadata you can go to the album in qobuz or Tidal by clicking on the link again this has always been available for any station with metadata. All mixes are available you have to add them as a separate station to My Radio. It has no feedback to RP whatsoever so won’t feed to their App. I don’t know of any library software that does what you want here. Most apps it’s just an internet radio stream like Roon.

Arc doesn’t support Radio currently at all.

OK, that’s very disappointing but thanks for letting me know. Such a shame as I’m sure Radio Paradise would welcome full integration of their service with Roon. Both are fairly niche offerings and could benefit from one another.

Im currently sat here enjoying much of the functionality Radio Paradise has to offer (on my Innuos system, using InnuOS Sense and the Radio Paradise Website&iOS app (for rating)).

More importantly, I am loving the music from Radio Paradise tonight! I think I’ve added 10 tracks to my Tidal library. I think I’ve only skipped about 4 tracks this evening.

Can’t say I am missing Roon all that much, but clearly I am missing the community! :slight_smile:

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Roon have hinted new services are coming so who knows, but I do think all the stuff BluOS has is likely exclusive to them all the press points to that.

I have a Bluesound Node player with BlueOS. I have listened to RP a lot with it. It’s a very good integration, but I am sure Roon could do better. Even IF MQA is exclusive to Bluesound, the rest of their integration isn’t anything that’s not available elsewhere (Apple iOS, AppleTV, Innuos Sense, Android). The FLAC stream would sound great on Roon with RATT etc. and I am not sure MQA would make much difference. The FLAC stream sounds EXCELLENT on my Innuos system.

Would be GREAT if Roon includes RP amongst the new services you mention for 2023!

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Get a WiiM Mini/Pro as it has Radio Paradise integration, and Roon Ready Beta by end of this month. It also integrates many other services like Amazon UHD, Pandora, etc. Once they add SiriusXM (on roadmap) it will have all the important services that I personally want. It’ an amazing streamer at a very cheap price, and can’t wait for Roon Ready update.


I checked their website today and couldn’t see any mention of Radio Paradise.

They added RP 2 months ago:

These are the current services (they keep adding new ones as time permits, including Roon Ready Beta by end of this month (fingers crossed)):

Not sure if it supports the full audio resolution yet though if you care about that (I see 16 bit, 44.1 when I play one of the stations …. so at least its CD quality):

I don’t see metadata yet either, so maybe this isn’t the solution for you at this time if that is a concern. But its really an amazing inexpensive streamer to try out if it interests you. They keep improving it and the price can’t be beat.

EDIT: I missed the part where you already have the Bluesound Node with better integration of RP and Roon Ready to boot I believe … so maybe this isn’t a good solution at all if you already have that device :slight_smile: I’ll leave my comment alone though in case anyone is interested in what services it offers at this time (or it can be deleted) :slight_smile:

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No issues for me with your post. I like hearing about new ways to listen to Radio Paradise. :slight_smile: The only reason I wanted Roon to integrate it properly is because having to leave Roon to listen to Radio Paradise reduces the value of Roon for me. Plus, as it’s so good for music discovery, it’s much easier to rate and add music to your personal library when within the Roon environment. I found myself adding and rating tracks elsewhere and so Roon became less important for me.

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Integration of key services within one app is certainly the end goal. I flip between WiiM, Roon and Plexamp. WiiM is the closest for me with having almost all services integrated (just waiting on Roon Ready, SiriusXM, and Plex/Plexamp integration to just about get me there). Curious what Roon has in store for future music services integration (not sure how deep they’ll actually go with it).

Me too. I LOVE Plexamp!

I would not count on them ever integrating PlexAmp its not really open for it. Chromecast will be it and not gapless.

I have no interest in Roon integrating Plexamp. Don’t see the point especially as Roon has its own ARC app (not that I have ever tried it). I am so in love with Plexamp. I just wish Plexamp had a better way to stream to my hifi. I suppose AirPlay isn’t a bad option and it is Gapless for those Plexamp trademark sweet fades!

When I get the WiiM Pro (once Roon Ready is , ready), curious how well Chromecast will work from PlexAmp. I love PlexAmp as well for lots of reasons … I just can’t into the ARC app in the same way … PlexAmp just works and is so fast, with lots of nice built-in features. Love Roon and PlexAmp together depending on what I want to listen to.

There is no mention of Roon supporting PlexAmp nor did I mention it. Post was in reference to @timmo mentioning it for Wiim. Roon can’t they are different eco systems the link is above is about the developer of Ropieee adding the plex headless code to his operating system which is not Roon it allows Roon Bridge, but also UPnP, AirPlay and Squeezebox. He was asked to see if he could add Plex. It’s not possible without them changing stuff they are reluctant to do. So it was to say don’t expect it on the Wiim as it’s highly unlikely.

After adding “folder browsing” is there any hope for properly Radio Paradise integration?Even LMS has “a light year” better integration.


what features/functionality are you seeking? I’ve always thought it was pretty well integrated in roon, but not sure what you’re looking for.

EDIT: nevermind… i now see the feature list in the top post, sorry. It works great for me, but I must not need much functionality! :crazy_face:

I would like to have the following functionality added:

  • Skip to Next song
  • Both see and update RP rating of the song being played
  • Configurable rule to be able to skip songs that is either Banned in Roon and/or with rating in RP lower than 5 (configurable by the user would be optimal).