Radio Recommendations: Indie, Lofi, Dream Pop?

Apologies if this is not the correct forum for this question (looks like most posts here are for requesting new stations?), but I’m looking for any radio recommendations for stations that play more rock-forward but chill indie. Stations that play current bands like The National, Radiohead, Joseph Arthur, Chromatics, Still Corners, Beach House, etc, along with 80s/90s shoegaze-type stuff. I listen to Chilltrax a good bit but sometimes it gets a bit too electro for my tastes; Radio Paradise has great options but sometimes feel a bit out of date; JB Radio is probably the closest example…but trying to find that good mix of current, chill indie rock. No complaints about any of the above…just curious if there are other stations I’m not finding.

No problem and good questions. I think you’ll get a wider readership over on the #music category so I’ll move this over there and we’ll see what response it gets.

I’ve had a great time listening to Chillhop! It’s wonderful background music that sorta just goes on and on. First heard about it on a youtube live stream actually, over here youtube live stream. Of course the youtube stream isn’t super high def - I purchased most of their FLAC albums for my own library. I even ordered and received a record! It was fun to spin, but not really worth it. Took forever to ship from UK $25 + s/h merchbar.

I also noticed that Roon doesn’t have a chillhop genre in there, so I created a tag for it - maybe that help the radio or something.

There’s also another “chillhop” version called Chilled Cow sleep/chill youtube, and relax/study youtube


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Hey Drew,

Can you list some of the artists you’ve discovered so I can track them down on Qobuz/Tidal for my library please?



Looks like there’s loads of material on Tidal

Looking at one of their albums, Chillhop Winter Essentials 2019… I only see one artist more than once! Ian Ewing. Every other track has different artists, so going the artist route might be tough for this one!


Thanks for the move @BrianW, I hadn’t seen this forum yet. And thanks @Drew_Kerlee for the recommendation. It reminds me of SomaFM’s Groove Salad station, very similar and a great station.

Groove Salad! Now there’s a word I haven’t heard for years. And they’re still around, cool!

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They are, and still pushing other great stations like Illinois St Lounge, Boot Liquor, etc. :grin:

Another recommendations in the down tempo range if you’re looking for a band in that genre, check our Karminski Experience, Inc. Really fun lounge-esc band.

As for more on the indie rock side, I’ve had really good success just letting Roon radio take over after an album like The National’s I Am Easy To Find.

Most of the chillhop playlists I’ve converted using Soundiiz to Tidal and Qobuz to sync to Roon…the tracks are mostly in the genre of Rap - which to me in no way fits at all.

There is one Chillhop station in the directory: FluxFM: ChillHop

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That’s a really neat way of getting their stuff in HD. Great idea!