Radio Station Icon

I am trying to add the following URL -

When I do, I do not get an icon for the radio station, when adding the other BBC stations I get an icon.

Why is this?

When adding a URL, Roon checks to see if it already exists in its database. If it does, it adds its own database entry to your My Live Radio - that’s where the icon (and text) come from.

In this case, you have specified an http url rather than Roon’s https form. Thus they are different and Roon does not match them.

Either change your url to the https form, or add the current Radio 5 Live entry in Roon’s Live Radio to your My Live Radio. The end result will be the same.

Hi Brian, thanks for the reply, below are the url’s that i added to my radio selection. All came up with a station icon except the one for bbc radio 5 live. They all are http so i am somewhat stuck as to why that one station loaded differently.
Any further help is much appreciated.

Because we (Roon) seem to have been somewhat haphazard in adding these streams. Some are http and some are https. Thus you were able to match.

I’m now in the process of updating them all to https. It won’t affect stations already in your database, although the stream URLs when you play the stations will now reflect the https form.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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